Bird's-eye view exploration of the coastline of Mauritius

   (Albion Lighthouse. Photo Credit: ReubsVision )

Do you want to explore the coastline of Mauritius like a bird..?

After over a thousand hours of hard work, Reuben Pillay brings to you his masterpiece nicknamed the ReubsVision (

Reuben Pillay has been a drone enthusiast for a number of years and has dedicated most of his time during the past 18 months to realise his dream project. Through his project, Reuben has captured high quality breathtaking 360 photos and videos of most of the coastline of Mauritius with his DJI Phantom 4 Pro camera drone.

The full website which is available after a free registration is a MUST-SEE. You can explore the coastline of Mauritius from your home.

   (Cap Malheureux. Photo Credit: ReubsVision )

   (Coin de Mire. Photo Credit: ReubsVision )

     (Bois des Amourettes. Photo Credit: ReubsVision )

   (Pointe du diable. Photo Credit: ReubsVision )

   (Macondé. Photo Credit: ReubsVision )


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